Our exceedingly civilised idea of a traditionally English pub was born in 1976 when we opened the Wig and Mitre on Steep Hill in the heart of historic Lincoln.

It has remained with the same owners since and has grown from strength to strength. The Wig and Mitre was opening all day, every day, serving breakfast, lunch, dinner and all things in between long before gastro pubs and all day brunches were a thing.

Over the decades The Wig has presided over Steep Hill and become something of an institute much loved by locals and visitors to our great historic city, alike.

Nestled at the top of the hill in between the castle and the cathedral, hence the name, The Wig worn by the judges in the courts in the grounds of the  Castle and the Mitre of the Bishops in the cathedral.

Come visit our beautiful historic Wig and Mitre, kick back over a leisurely brunch and coffee, while away the afternoon with a simple light lunch and your favourite tipple, or dine out and pull all the stops out selecting from our entirely fresh and fabulous menu.

We promise that you will not be disappointed.

Reassuringly civilised and exceedingly good.